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Dream Chasers LLP was founded in 2020.

Dream Chasers LLP offer Yume Live 
streaming opportunities for users mainly in Singapore & Malaysia, providing a fun lifestyle & singing at a touch of a mobile device.

Streamers can broadcast their daily life, gain friends & followers, receive gifts, earn money and be a super live broadcaster easily & conveniently.

Yume Live comes with the following features:
- Go Live
- Beauty Effect. In App beautification is available to make you look good at anytime.
- Send gifts to streamers as rewards and earn incentives.
- Post moments to share memories.


Watch Live Streams

- In Yume Live, we have non-stop events, lucky draws, singing competition, talent time competition for Streamers to 

  compete with friends to earn extra rewards and incentives.
- Replay features for users to watch their favorite live show again after live ended.

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