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In order to protect your (hereinafter referred to as the "user") rights and interests, please read the following regulations (hereinafter referred to as these terms) in detail before registering and logging in to use the company's services. When you click "Login",

It means that you have reviewed and understood these terms in detail and agreed to fully comply with the company's management rules and regulations.

1. Awareness and acceptance of terms

You understand that after you register as a member of the company, you can use the services provided by the company (hereinafter referred to as the service), and you have read, understood and agreed to accept all the content of this clause. When a member uses this service, it means that in addition to agreeing to abide by these terms, it also agrees to accept the company's membership rules (including "YumeLive" content management and disposal regulations, announcements, individual service specifications, etc.) and comply with relevant laws and regulations. If you are an incapacitated person, your legal representative shall apply for the use of this service; if you are a person with restricted capacity, you shall obtain the consent of your legal representative before you can apply for this service. If you press the "Login" button, you are deemed to have obtained the consent of your legal representative or comply with the requirements of legal conduct, and you have full capacity to act in all terms of this service.

2. The update and modification of membership service terms

The company reserves the right to update and modify these terms and related membership specifications. If these terms are updated or modified, no separate notice will be given. You can review the new terms immediately on the company's website or live broadcast platform. If you do not agree to the revised content, please do not continue to use the service. If you continue to use the service after the announcement, you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to the revised terms.

3. Participation and membership services and restrictions

(1) Real login obligation:

You agree to provide detailed personal information (including your real name and various related information) when registering to join a new member. If the information you log in is changed afterwards, you should update it online at any time. If the personal information you provide is false (if you use false and false methods to store value, it is also false) or misleading, the company may terminate your membership and use of various services at any time right.

(2) Responsibilities and obligations for service use:

1. You fully understand and agree that YumeLive only provides a platform for information sharing, transmission and acquisition. Users must be responsible for all actions under their registered account, including any content you transmit and any results resulting from it. If there is any violation of the law when using this service, including but not limited to infringement of the intellectual property rights or other rights and interests of the company or a third party, you shall bear the relevant legal responsibility. If you violate the law, this clause or the company's relevant membership regulations, causing damage to the company, expenditure of expenses, or compensation by a third party, the company shall be liable for damages. Users should also make their own judgments on the content in YumeLive and bear all risks arising from the use of the content, including the risks caused by the user's reliance on the accuracy, completeness or practicality of the live content. The company cannot and will not be liable for any actions or losses of users.
2. Any content you transmit in this service or through YumeLive does not represent the views or policies of the company, and the company will not bear any responsibility for this.
3. The company reserves the right to unilaterally change, suspend, restrict, terminate or revoke the service at any time without any notice to all or part of the service content due to business development needs, and bear this risk.
4. The services provided by YumeLive may include advertisements. You agree to display advertisements from YumeLive and third-party suppliers and partners during use.
5. In addition to complying with these terms and the company's relevant membership regulations, you agree to abide by the relevant provisions of the Internet international usage practices and etiquette.
6. You may not use YumeLive or this service to create, upload, copy, or send text, pictures, audio, video or any other form of information containing the following content:
(1) Endanger national security, leak state secrets, or damage national reputation and interests.
(2) Incite racial hatred, racial discrimination, and undermine national unity.
(3) Spread rumors, disrupt social order, and undermine social stability.
(4) Obscenity, gambling, violence, murder or abetting crime.
(5) Insult or slander others.
(6) Illegal infringement of the intellectual property rights or other rights of others.
(7) Other content that violates the law, these terms or the company's relevant membership regulations, or is contrary to public order or good customs.
7. The company has the right, based on its reasonable judgment, to target content that may violate the law, this clause or the company’s relevant membership regulations, or that may infringe, interfere, or threaten anyone’s rights or safety, or impersonate others. Stop the transmission of any of the foregoing content in accordance with the law, and have the right to determine at its own discretion to take appropriate legal actions against any person who violates the terms, including but not limited to removing illegal, infringing, inappropriate content from the live broadcast service, and terminating the membership of the violator, Prevent it from using all or part of YumeLive's services, and save relevant information and report to relevant units in accordance with legal regulations.
8. All works, service software, screen arrangements or related pictures, texts or their composition on YumeLive, as well as other YumeLive logos, product, service names and other materials, their copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights, Ownership or other rights belong to the company or its right holders. Except for the legal authorization of the company or its individual right holders in advance, no one may reproduce, modify, edit, distribute, transmit or rent based on any form without authorization. , Sale, lending or other purposes, the offender shall bear all legal liabilities, and the company may request compensation in accordance with the law.
9. The content and software programs on YumeLive are the intellectual property of the company. Without the authorization of the company, you may not copy, perform reverse engineering, de-compile or disassemble any functions without authorization. Or program. Violators shall bear all legal liabilities, and the company may request compensation from the violators in accordance with the law.

(3) Account keeping obligation:

1. You must choose your account name and password to create an account. If your account name infringes any copyright or trademark, the company reserves the right to delete your account.
2. An account can only be used by one person at a time. You must be fully responsible for the custody of your account number and password; you agree that you will not transfer, rent or lend your account number or password to others.
3. If you find that your account has been illegally used by others or has any abnormal damage to the safety of use, please notify the company immediately; but if your account password is illegally used by others due to your negligence, the company will Not responsible for processing.

4. The scope of this service

(1) You can use the various payment methods provided by this platform to purchase the points or services provided by YumeLive.

(2) You can use the payment system or other services provided by the company, but you must equip yourself with all the computer equipment required for the Internet, and you must bear the burden including but not limited to "Internet connection fees", "phone charges", etc. Telecom related expenses.

5. Service termination and change

If a member has any of the following circumstances, the company has the right to immediately terminate or change the service of any member account. The company shall not be liable to any member or third party for any trouble, inconvenience or damage that may arise from the termination or change of the member's use of this service.
1. Member login false information to register.
2. Those who use this service under the name of our company, YumeLive, or under similar names of all companies, platforms or channels mentioned above.
3. Use characters other than Chinese, English and numbers, or indecent text, and images as the name of this service.
4. Apply for an account of this service in the name of another person.
5. Use hypocritical methods to recharge.
6. Violation of these terms or the company's relevant membership regulations.
7. Transfer, rent or lend the member account to others.
8. Acts that violate public safety, public order, or good customs.
9. Acts that violate current laws.
10. Use any system or tool to interfere, maliciously attack or destroy the services, servers or networks provided by the company.
11. Use plug-in programs, virus programs, program loopholes (BUG) or other methods that violate fairness and reasonableness to participate in platform activities.

6. Service suspension or interruption

In the event of one of the following situations, the company has the right to stop or interrupt the provision of services. For any trouble, inconvenience or damage caused by this, the company is not responsible for any member or third party:
1. Perform necessary maintenance and construction of the related software and hardware equipment and electronic communication equipment of this service.
2. Sudden failure of hardware and software equipment and electronic communication equipment occurs.
3. To maintain the personal safety of other members or third parties in an emergency.
4. Any software errors, viruses, Trojan horses or programs of similar nature that may be transmitted by a third party through this service and the company is unable to provide all or part of the service.
5. When the company is unable to provide services due to natural disasters and other force majeure factors.

7. Service change right

The company reserves the right to stop or change the content of various services or terminate the membership account service in accordance with the contract at any time without separate notice. The company is not responsible to members or third parties for any trouble, inconvenience or damage that may arise from stopping or changing services or terminating member account services.


8. Limitation of liability

(1) You understand that the company does not provide any express or implied guarantees for the services provided by the company, except as otherwise provided in these terms or other member-related regulations, including but not limited to commercial services. Applicability, applicability for a specific purpose, and non-infringement of the rights of others.

(2) The company does not guarantee the stability, error-free and uninterrupted services. You recognize and are willing to bear the risks of using this service and any damage that may result: If the quality of the ISP network is poor or the company or other cooperation Failure or failure of the hardware and software equipment of the network system of the manufacturer or related telecommunications company, or human negligence caused interruption, temporary unavailability, delay, errors in data transmission or storage, or intrusion into the system by a third party, tampering or The company will not be liable for any damages caused by forgery and alteration of data, etc., which cause delays or progress retrospectives during the game, and cause your losses.

(3) The company will provide various services in accordance with existing plans. For the special needs of users, the company does not guarantee that this service will fully meet your needs.

9. Privacy protection

Unless required by law or required by relevant competent authorities, the company will not sell, exchange, rent or disclose your name, address, e-mail address, and other legally protected personal information without your authorization. You also agree that the company, within the scope permitted by law, allows the company's related companies or partners to use your personal data to provide you with other services. You agree that the company may compile membership statistics based on your personal data; if the statistics do not involve revealing the personal identity of any member, you agree and allow the company to use it for any legal and public use. You agree that the company may disclose your personal information in accordance with the law when the following circumstances occur:
1. Subject to the requirements of the judicial, police or other authorities based on legal procedures.
2. When your behavior violates laws and regulations, these terms or the company's relevant membership regulations.
3. When the provisions of laws and regulations are to protect the personal safety of other members of the company or third parties in an emergency.

10. Protection of personal data

According to Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Law, the company informs the following personal data protection matters:
1. The company may collect, process and use in accordance with the company's privacy protection policy, personal data protection law and related laws and regulations for the purposes of member registration, browsing the web or APP, online transactions, online activities, providing services, marketing promotion, etc. Your profile.
2. You can provide the following personal information according to your needs: name, date of birth, uniform number of national identity card, contact method (including but not limited to telephone number, E-MAIL or residential address) or other direct or indirect identification Your personal information.
3. You agree that the company will use the personal data you provide to perform auxiliary program search, personal data change confirmation, short message promotion, community contact, event award notice, notice of regulation modification and other services to confirm your identity and conduct with you Contact, provide you with related services and information of our company and related companies or partners, and other privacy protection policies and regulations.
4. You agree that the period during which the company uses your personal data is from now until all contracts between you and the company are terminated.

5. You can, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, request the company to (1) request inquiries or read, (2) provide copies, (3) request supplements or corrections, (4) request to stop collecting, processing, and Use or (5) request deletion. However, if it is necessary for the company to perform its duties or business, the company may refuse it.
6. You can freely choose whether to provide your personal information of the company, but if the personal information you provide is not enough to confirm the authenticity of your identity after being reported or found by the company, or there are other personal information fraudulent use, embezzlement, or data failure In fact, the company reserves the right to temporarily stop providing services to you, including any event awards, various promotions, etc. We apologize for any inconvenience.
7. In addition to the personal data protection issues mentioned above, various items including personal data protection are also covered in these terms of service.

11. Compensation limitation

Relevant compensation limits arising from your use of this service are subject to the relevant laws and regulations of the country where the server is located. If you modify the content of this service or use it in connection with other software not in accordance with the terms of use, and other damages that are not attributable to the company, the company is not responsible. Under no circumstances will the company be liable for any indirect, consequential, punitive, incidental, special, or penal damages, including the loss of profits suffered by users using this service (even if the company has been the possibility of informing the loss is also true). The company's full responsibility to you, regardless of the reason or mode, is limited to the fees (if any) that you pay to the company for using this service during the membership period.

12. Individual terms

When this clause is partially invalid, it will not affect the validity of other clauses. The title of this clause is for convenience only and does not have any legal or contractual effect.

13. General terms

The interpretation and application of these terms of service, as well as the rights and obligations between members and the company due to the use of this service, shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Singapore law

(Excluding foreign-related civil law applicable laws or other similar regulations.) All disputes arising from these terms of service agree that Singapore courts shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.

14. Termination of contract and refund

When the contract is terminated, the company may refund the unused stored value purchased by the user after deducting the necessary costs.

The right of final interpretation and modification of the content of the above terms belong to our company.

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